A storage solution for your unstructured data that makes it possible to locate and access untapped business insights with ease. Hut 8’s Object Storage solution is designed to handle big data, scalability, platform independence, and immutability when you need it.



Infinitely scalable with virtually no performance impact


Option to lock down your data through write-once- read-many (WORM) standard

Cost effective

Cost efficient archival and backup data

Tailor-made for your requirements

Accelerated infrastructure for advanced workloads and data-intensive challenges. Our custom-designed high performance computing solutions offer flexible deployment that delivers results.

Protect your assets

Unmanaged information can leave your organization exposed and makes it difficult, or even impossible, to apply key policies, including security. Migrating your company’s unstructured data to Hut 8 Object Storage presents a solid defensive position by:

  • Ensuring continuous data integrity checking
  • Preventing data loss and corruption
  • Applying policy-based data governance
  • Utilizing encryption where required and enforcing compliance requirements

Write-once and read-many secure storage

Activate our Object Lock feature, which allows you to store objects using write-once- read-many (WORM) standard. It gives you the flexibility to apply retention settings on individual objects in addition to default retention settings for all objects, and ensures your data is tamper- and deletion-proof.

Object storage benefits from Hut 8:

  • Deployment flexibility and ease of scale for capacity and performance
  • No up-front capital investments
  • No performance compromises
  • Backup and recovery capabilities to manage data and workloads across on-site hybrid, and public cold environments
  • Maximize storage cost-efficiency with compression and deduplication

Prepare for digital transformation

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