Network Services

High-speed connectivity to support your computational needs

Unlock the potential of your business with our advanced network services tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern computing environments. Our comprehensive range of network solutions encompasses carrier-diverse Internet offerings featuring exceptional reliability and cross connect services that ensure seamless connectivity.


Uninterrupted connectivity

Maximize uptime and enhance the overall reliability through multiple carriers and diverse low-latency network paths


Seamless, low-latency connections between your infrastructure and various carriers, and other strategic partners

Enhanced service

Internet service offerings of 10Gbps, with plans to soon introduce blazing-fast 100Gbps options, empowering you with exceptional network performance for your most demanding workloads

Why use network services


Whether you require traditional Ethernet connections or fibre optic links we have the expertise and resources to deliver


Our offering continues to evolve to introduce the most robust cybersecurity offerings, including DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection services and vulnerability scanning services, to safeguard your high-performance computing infrastructure from malicious attacks and ensure uninterrupted operation


Our in-house network experts are available to design and build a customized solution to meet your specific network requirement needs

How network services work

Optimized performance

We minimize network hops and reduce data transfer delays, resulting in optimized performance by facilitating direct interconnection for your compute-intensive workloads. Our network infrastructure boasts an extensive carrier presence, enabling easy access to a wide range of connectivity options and providers.

Remote hands

Our experienced on-site resources are available to provide remote hands services to provide on-site support when you can’t. With services ranging from installation, disposal, reporting, to connectivity, we’re here to assist on a one-time or recurring basis if you are unable to manage your hardware and network on site.

Foundation for connectivity

Our network services are the foundation for robust, reliable, and high-speed connectivity, enabling businesses to maximize the potential of their high-performance computing environments and drive innovation and efficiency in their operations.

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