Manage your containerized workloads with ease

Fully automate how containers and clusters are deployed and managed. Our self-service solution provides Hut 8 customers with the ability to deploy Kubernetes clusters on-demand. This open source container orchestration platform is key to managing multiple environments, including those related to the DevOps process.



Run a set of container deployments simultaneously, at scale, with no downtime


Enables automated deployments, scaling and management of containerized applications


Run and expand on almost any operating system, as well as any virtual machine or physical server

How Hut 8 Kubernetes works

Diverse and customized computing

Our high-availability Kubernetes solutions allows customers to deploy a diverse range of compute resources based on operating system, CPU, RAM, storage and GPU type. Users can also select specific machine types as needed.

Secure and scalable DevOps

Best of breed security, stability, and scale. Our portable container orchestration platform allows organizations to seamlessly run their DevOps, ensuring enhanced collaboration and automation across teams. Quickly and securely improve the productivity of software planning, testing, development, and deployment.

Rapid self-service deployment

Our Metal as a Service (MaaS) platform allows you to fully leverage automation services, enabling Kubernetes clusters to be configured and deployed in minutes. Ideal for organizations that need to automatically scale applications based on demand, and for those that need to deploy and manage multiple environments for configuration and testing. The portal is based on Openstack, the leading open source cloud infrastructure platform used in data centres of all sizes around the globe. Component-based Openstack allows the platform to be tailored specifically for MaaS solutions, virtual environments, and automation.

Powerful, proven technology

Hut 8 offers access to powerful technology solutions from the world’s leading computing companies.


More than 20 years ago, virtualization changed the world of computer systems – at the desktop level, the server level, and the data centre level. The most recent technology that’s garnered the label of ‘changing everything’ is containerization. No longer just an abstraction layer between bare metal and the operating system, containers abstract the application itself. Containers allow CPU, memory, storage, and network resources to be shared at the operating system level and offer a mechanism to package applications so they can be abstracted from the environment in which they run.

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