Optimized disaster recovery to protect your business

Protect your company’s vital data and IT infrastructure. Hut 8 supplies the platform, connectivity, storage, and infrastructure required to get your business back up and running in no time.



Much more than a traditional backup service, Hut 8’s Disaster Recovery solution is specifically designed to maintain business continuity


Access a scalable solution –  with real time replication and rapid recovery – to get your business back up and running again in minutes


Journal-based continuous data protection, configured to your needs. Our granular recovery restores data precisely as it was prior to disaster

Why use DRaaS

Custom designed, fully managed

Hut 8’s DRaaS is designed to suit the specific requirements of your business. Our managed services team will work with you to build the disaster recovery (DR) solution suitable for your needs, and create a runbook to cover the precise procedures in a failover event. Plus, your DR environment will be monitored 24/7, along with regular collaborative testing of capabilities to ensure integrity

Flexible recovery options, limited downtime

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) define any disaster recovery design. Hut 8 can customize your solution to meet very aggressive RPO/RTO to ensure your business is back up and running ASAP

Best-in-class technology

Our Zerto-based solution offers real time replication with minimal system requirements and no impact to active workloads. Hut 8 then supports these products with fully accredited, highly trained experts with decades of experience

How DRaaS works

Continuity assessment

Hut 8 takes an enterprise view of your environment and works with you to define exactly what data and infrastructure are mission critical for your business in a failure or disaster situation.


Hut 8 closely collaborates with you to set up and configure all networks and systems required to support the disaster recovery process. Once configured, we will seamlessly replicate your production data to our DR site. We will then work with you to validate and test the DR environment, all without any impact to your production workloads.

Solution design

With the requirements defined, Hut 8 will detail all integral recovery needs. With these in hand, Hut 8 will build the run book that describes system and network configurations, failover and failback steps, and access and authorization requirements.

Maintenance and testing

Hut 8 will perform regular maintenance of disaster recovery runbooks capturing any changes or updates required due to software, infrastructure, personnel changes, etc., as well as an annual disaster recovery test. Hut 8 will also support and troubleshoot all disaster recovery related software and hardware components, including firewalls, DRaaS software, and hypervisor layer.

Managed monitoring, and recovery within minutes

Hut 8 monitors all replication services and supporting systems on an ongoing basis, ensuring all SLA’s are met. Hut 8’s Network Operation Centre is available 24/7 to receive disaster recovery failover notifications.

What will DRaaS protect you from?

Attacks that disable or corrupt existing environment including:

  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes
  • Major equipment failures
  • User error from manual processes
  • On-premise power outages and data failures
  • Hardware and network failures
  • Software or IT systems errors
  • Security-related attacks

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